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Mission Statement: 

Michelle Domer is an Indiana Adoption Attorney committed to providing professional and dedicated legal representation to her clients. Her purpose is to enhance the quality of life for you and your family.  Consequently, she will always strive to be ethical, courteous and respectful to all with whom she encounter. 

If you want to adopt, this firm is for you.  Above all, the firm represents step-parents, grandparents, foster care and foster parents, individuals, and couples (married or unmarried).  We represent any person(s), who wish to adopt someone else’s child in their care or wish to adopt a newborn.  As an adoption lawyer, we represent adoptive parents in the State of Indiana and from other states as well.

 We can terminate parental rights:

Although hard to admit, some parents are unfit and should not raise a child or children. As Adoption lawyers, we can terminate the parental rights of unfit parents.  Further, if only one parent is unfit it is possible, through adoption, to terminate the unfit parent’s parental rights while maintaining the parental rights of the fit parent.  Also, the fit parent does not have to be married.

 Other services:

Families and individuals often have need for other legal services not related to adoption.  Therefore, we assist our client with matters such as: guardianships, wills, estates, power of attorney, and other legal matters including financial adoption programs.

 Francis & Berry Domer is a law firm located in Bloomington, Indiana. Michelle has been practicing law for more than 29 years and has exclusively practiced adoption law for the past five years.


Why we are the right team for you?

Our staff will treat you with compassion and understanding, and use our experience to provide you with top-quality assistance through every step of the process.

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Francis & Berry Domer  Adoption attorney is very proud of its professional reputation. Nearly all of the firm’s clients are personal referrals from past clients, foster care parents or other attorneys.  Most importantly, Michelle is a  fellow in the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA)

Heartland Adoption Agency, LCPA 

Michelle is also the owner of Heartland Adoption Agency.  Heartland places newborns for adoption, provides adoption home studies and criminal background checks for adoptions and guardianships.  For more information about Heartland Adoption Agency and its services, please go to