Why we should be the law firm to handle your adoption?

Choosing the right law firm to handle your adoption is an important decision. You will want a law firm that concentrates its practice in adoption law like we do. Adoption law is tricky. Our firm knows the adoption statutes and will make sure that your adoption is completed legally without any errors or the ability to be overturned at a later date. We are a law firm you can trust.

What to expect?

At FRANCIS & BERRY DOMER, our staff will treat you with compassion and understanding, and use our experience to provide you with top-quality assistance through every step of the process.

Where do we provide services?

FRANCIS & BERRY DOMER provides legal services in all counties in Indiana. We also represent adoptive parents from all across the United States.

Our Goal

FRANCIS & BERRY DOMER can help you fulfill your dream of starting or extending your family, and we will help you through the process from beginning to end with compassion and caring. We believe that prospective parents who are informed and knowledgeable about the process make the best decisions, and we will guide you through your adoption process.

Unplanned Pregnancy?

You can speak confidentiality with caring, non-judgmental professionals. We will listen to your concerns and priorities, and we will discuss your options so you can decide whether adoption is the right path. Others may want you to see things their way, but we want to know what you want, and we will support you through the process no matter what you decide to do. Don’t go through this alone!