Birth Mothers

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, please contact call our office 812-336-8300 or text our confidential phone line at 812-360-0111 or visit Heartland Adoption Agency, LCPA at


There are many situations leading to pregnancy.  Many of these situations include drug addictions, homelessness, unemployment, rape or domestic violence, financial instability, bad timing,  DCS involvement and mistake.  There are families in the United States that wish to adopt a child.  Many of the families are willing to adopt a child that has been exposed to drugs or cigarettes prior to birth.  Many families will also adopt a child that is not a newborn.  We have never had a problem placing infants who are born with drugs in their system.

Our firm can help birth mothers establish an adoption plan.  An adoption plan is very important in that it can circumvent the involvement of the Department of Child Services at the hospital especially if the birth mother has a drug addiction or prior DCS involvement.  An adoption plan empowers birth mothers.  Birth mother may meet the adoptive parents prior to the birth of their child.  Birth mother may choose their adoptive families.  Often birth mothers can receive post adoption contact in regular updates and pictures.  Sometimes visits are even allowed.  This is all negotiated with the adoptive parents.

Our adoptive parents come from Indiana and all over the United States.  There is no requirement that an Indiana birth mother has to place her child with a family in Indiana.   We have placed child in Texas, Illinois and Alabama.  We have adoptive families from Oklahoma, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Indiana.

There is no requirement in Indiana that the biological father be told about the adoption.  Indiana has a very firm and strict statute on the rights of fathers.  Unless the father is a legal father (a father that is married to the birth mother), Father must preserve their own rights.