Terminating Parental Rights

Termination of Parental Rights through Adoption

In some cases, a child is best served if one or both parents’ parental rights are terminated to pave the way for a child to be adopted by a loving family, grandparent, step-parent and/or other parent.  Many of these parents, often referred to as “dead beat” and/or “dead beat mother” and/or “dead beat father,” may be unwilling or unfit to parent his or her child.  It is not necessary that both parents be terminated, simply the “problem parent.”   In many cases, if something were to happen to the fit parent, the other, perhaps unfit parent, stands to receive immediate custody of the child or children, especially should the fit parent die.  We have been involved in at least three (3) separate cases where the uninvolved parent has come to the funeral of the death of the involved parent and removed the child(ren) from the care of grandparents or step parents.  In at least two (2) of these case, the child(ren) did not have any memory of the uninvolved parent. 

In Indiana, through the adoption process, parental rights can be terminated due to long-time failure to pay child support; failure to maintain contact or legal abandonment of the child. While this can be a difficult process, our attorneys have successfully pursued these kinds of cases for over twenty years and are happy to help in situations where termination of parental rights is appropriate and the facts exists for the Court to find that the consent of the uninvolved parent is not required. Don and Michelle will guide you through every step of the process and make sure that the best interests of your child are protected. If you believe that you have a situation that may call for the termination of parental rights through adoption, please contact our firm to discuss your specific situation and set up a consultation.